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Client Asset disposition

Asset Disposition

Please Dispose of Your Retired Assets Responsibly!

Your retired electronic assets not only represent a threat to the environment, they can be a threat to your data security as well. Disposing of these assets safely and securely minimizes your risks.

Logista R3 Asset Disposition Services gives you options:

Asset disposition - Refurbish


Save money by refurbishing older equipment. Or donate your retired assets to a school or charity.

Asset disposition - Resale


Thinking of selling? We’ll help you get top dollar for your used equipment.

Asset disposition - Recycle


Minimize your environmental impact by salvaging useable components.

Your security is our concern

Our asset disposition services meet the highest standards for data security and compliance. Services we provide include:

  • Reporting of hard drives and client asset information erasure
  • Department of Defense 5220.22-M wiping
  • Physical shredding

Logista R3 Asset Disposition Services are R2 Certified.
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