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Logista is proud to announce that our Asset Disposition Facility in Columbus, Mississippi has become R2 2013 Certified. Logista provides affordable disposition services and valuable acquisition opportunities. We are committed to protecting our customers by offering data security, data sanitization, and risk mitigation regarding electronic disposal. The distinction of being R2 2013 Certified delivers to our customers the independent assurance they need to know Logista is putting those commitments into practice.

“We are delighted to welcome Logista Solutions as an R2 certified partner! Achieving R2 certification demonstrates their strong commitment to responsibly refurbish, resell and recycle used electronics in conformance to the highest industry standards for protecting data, workers and the environment,” said Patty Osterberg, SERI’s Director of Education & Outreach.  “The added level of scrutiny and accountability required by the R2 Standard sets Logista Solutions apart.”

The R2 Standard (Responsible Recycling Practices for Electronics Recycling) is recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an accredited certification standard for electronics recycling. R2 Certified organizations undergo regular independent audits to prove they are tracking the life cycle of the electronics downstream and preventing e-waste from being illegally exported or improperly landfilled. It also ensures the company follows stringent security procedures and provides a secure facility to protect consumer data.

Logista looks forward to growing our partnerships with communities and companies alike in responsibly reusing and recovering our electronic waste.

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